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At Emerald Green, your lawn is our business. Our professional products effectively feed grass plants and eliminate weeds to produce a flourishing, eye-catching, lush and beautiful lawn. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible service based on your individual lawn's needs.

Our Basic Lawn Care Program:

This fertilization and weed control program includes 7 visits per season. It is designed to provide your lawn with all the trace elements and nutrients necessary for a lush, healthy green lawn.

Why Choose Emerald Green?

  • 100% Owner operated 
  • We do the work -- not you! 
  • No Hidden Charges 
  • Locally owned 
  • Certified by Pa. Dept. of Agriculture 
  • Fully Licensed 
  • Fully Insured 


  • Dry granular time released fertilizers feed the root system and make a thick, green and healthy lawn.
  • All weeds are treated during each scheduled visit - at no extra cost. 

What does this mean?
    • A thick, green, healthy worry-free lawn for you and your family to enjoy.

    Services We Offer... 

    Fertilizing: Properly timed granular feedings promote thick, vibrantly green grass with a vigorous root system.

    Crabgrass Control: Spring crabgrass applications to prevent crabgrass from infiltrating your lawn.

    Weed Control: Tailored applications to rid your lawn of over 40 common lawn weeds, including clover, dandelions, henbit, oxalis, purslane, thistle and others.

    Insect Control: Tailored programs to help rid you lawn of common destructive insects such as grubs, billbugs, chinchbugs and sod webworms.

    Disease Control: Applied as needed to help control powdery mildew, necrotic ring spot, dollar spot and brown patch. (Priced separately from lawn treatment programs)

    Aeration: Promotes air and water movement through the soil. Thus promoting more vigorous growth of your lawn.

    Overseeding: This is the best way to revitalize a thinning lawn.

    Lime Treatments: Lime helps control the soil pH in your lawn. If the pH of your soil is not at optimum levels, your grass will not be able to properly uptake nutrients to make it thrive.

    Emerald Green provides lawn care services in the following areas: Wilkes Barre, Kingston, Mountain Top, Dallas, Shavertown, Harveys Lake, Inkerman, Pittston, Swoyersville, Larksville, Bear Creek, Blakeslee, Hanover, Nanticoke, Edwardsville, Wyoming, Plains, Nuangola, Trucksville, Parsons, Plymouth and Scranton.

    Wilkes Barre Lawn Care